What Is The Tarot Card For Your Zodiac Sign?

A lot of us enjoy reading our daily horoscopes. And even if we aren’t too much into astrology, we all know our zodiac sign. There are 12 signs corresponding to 12 months of a year. They are based on the movement of the sun around constellations. Our sun signs depict our personality. And then there is another philosophy called Tarot. Although, it is completely different from astrology, both the disciplines use sun signs. People believe that you can uncover a lot of truths about yourself if you know which tarot card is associated with your sign.

Zodiac Sign Of Aries

Aries is the first sun sign in the astrological chart. And the tarot card for this sign is the emperor. This card signifies your leadership qualities. You are born to lead and you should do so. You should put all your efforts into chasing your dreams. It also means that you are very loyal to your loved ones. According to this, you should seek a profession where you can lead.

What Is The Tarot Card For Your Zodiac Sign?
What Is The Tarot Card For Your Zodiac Sign?


For the Taurus sun sign, the tarot card is Hierophant. This card signifies wisdom. You are supposed to seek the higher truth and wisdom. You should accumulate a lot of knowledge to reach your fullest potential. This means that you can become an excellent mentor or guru in your field.

Zodiac Sign Of Gemini

The Lovers is the tarot card for Gemini. This card highlights the dual nature of Geminis. It can be taken more as a suggestion. It suggests that you will have to choose between one of the two paths. You should prioritize long term happiness over instant gratification. Moreover, you should choose a more ethical path.


Cancerians are ruled by The Chariot. You have a very strong personality. However, this card tells you to take risks and adapt to changes. You should be able to enjoy life and go through the unbeaten path despite your need for security.


This zodiac sign is ruled by the card of Strength. Leos are already famous for their courage and strength. And this card further confirms that. However, this card warns you that your strength will be tested at times. And it advises you to remain humble during such turbulent times. And don’t let your ego destroy everything in your life.

Virgo Zodiac Sign

The tarot card for Virgo is The Hermit. This card signifies the sensitivity of Virgos towards the world. It suggests that you introspect and explore your inner self and inner truth. It also says that you should open up to people around you and share your wisdom with them.


Justice is the corresponding tarot card for the Librans. It represents a balance. It asks you to maintain a balance in your life between what you need and what you want. Moreover, it warns you against perfectionism. At times, you should let go and accept that everything can’t be perfect.


The corresponding card for Scorpio is death. But, it isn’t to be taken in its literal sense. It means transformation. This card tells you to transform yourself into a new and better person. This is important for you to achieve peace in your life.

Zodiac Sign Of Sagittarius

The Temperance is the tarot card for Sagittarius. It reflects patience. This card tells you to be patient in every aspect of your life. Moreover, it tells you to adhere to discipline and remain focused in order to achieve your dreams.


The Devil is the card for Capricorn. It represents negativity. However, you should take it as a word of caution. It tells you to fight your inner demons and accept the light. Don’t let your negative thoughts affect you. And believe that you will achieve your dreams.

What Is The Tarot Card For Your Zodiac Sign?
What Is The Tarot Card For Your Zodiac Sign?

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

The Aquarians are ruled by The Star. This card signifies that you are unique. You have great intuitive powers. And it asks you to pay attention to that. Moreover, you shouldn’t worry about being different as you are destined to be something great. And you should work towards that.


The 12th zodiac sign is Pisces and it is ruled by The Moon. The card says that you are a sensitive person. And you should always listen to your inner feelings and emotions. Because your intuition will take you to great heights.

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