What Is My Zodiac Sign

My Zodiac Sign

Do I want to know what my Zodiac sign is? The celestial sphere is equally divided into 12 segments. One of them is my sign. At the new era’s dawn, border projections nearly coincided with each other. They were zodiacal constellations projections on the ecliptic and those of the corresponding signs.

Hence, the names of Zodiac signs appeared. In the present times, there’s no more of this correspondence between zodiac signs and constellation coordinates. So for the curious who wants to know their sign and how it may affect their life, read on.

To find out my sign, I will need to check on the Sun first and determine at which particular zodiacal sign it was on the day I was born. Meaning, I only need to find out which sign zone and not which constellation the Sun was on that day.

However, two zodiac signs can have what is called a conjunction. If I were born at this conjunction, it would have been harder to know what my Zodiac sign is. Note that the Sun travels from one sign in particular into another at different times in different years. Therefore, if my birth occurred at conjunction of two signs, I must check not just the month and day but also the year.

What is my Chinese Zodiac Sign?

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A Zodiac expert will need to check on the year, month, and day that I was born to know what my Chinese Zodiac sign is. The Chinese zodiac is also called Earthly Branches, which is a 12-year cycle that recurs. This cycle consists of 12 zodiac animal signs. For instance, 2020 is the Year of the Rat.

In the Chinese zodiac, the separation of these animal signs occurs by years, unlike in the Western zodiac where it happens by months. In checking my Chinese Zodiac sign, it’s important to note that the Chinese calendar doesn’t begin the new year on January 1, unlike the Gregorian calendar.

The Chinese calendar is lunisolar, where the new year starts between January 21 and February 20. However, it depends on the year when it is either the second or the third new moon following the winter solstice.

Zodiac signs have existed for many hundred thousand years ago and it creates a guideline to the people since ancient times. The alignments of the planets and the stars, including the movements of the moon and the position of the Earth have been used to manage the Zodiac signs which can create horoscopes.

The value of Zodiac signs is the ability to connect the things of divination, miracles, coincidence and occult which can provide meaningful signs and insights. The 12 astrological signs help to understand our personal identity.

The constellations are based on the positions of the Earth, sun, moon and the planets which are connected to the Science of Anatomy and Astrology. The valuable system of Zodiac signs is key to understand the natural world and provides an answer to the connection of our life to the movements of the stars, sun and the planets.

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