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The birthstone for June is the star sign of Libra, and it symbolizes the struggle of the soul’s journey through life. Libra individuals are generally the type who enjoy a wide range of interests. For instance, they may be extremely interested in music, movies, art, philosophy, and travel. They are also very loyal and faithful and are capable of overcoming personal hardships.

Libra is the sixth ruling planet of the Zodiac. It falls between the earth and the sun. It symbolizes balance and justice. Libra individuals are very compassionate, loyal, sincere, and versatile. Their life paths number five, seven, and nine, and they are very generous with love and respect.

June 18 Zodiac Sign: Libra

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A Libra man or woman may sometimes struggle with self-confidence, but they usually overcome their inhibitions through initiative and strong belief in themselves. Libra people generally like to lead and control their own destinies. They want to be respected and to feel that they are making a difference. In general, Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, provides a sense of refinement and sophistication. When people born on this star sign reach the age of eighteen, they become eligible for marriage. Libra women should wear jewelry that is carefully crafted with semi-precious stones.

If you were born under this star sign, you are likely to be very lucky. Many Libra’s have become very successful, skilled, and influential people. They are not prone to evil and often try to avoid negativity. However, some people born under this star sign can be afflicted with a few negative traits. Some of these negative traits include being self-critical, greedy, jealous, superiority complex, and suspicious.

You can learn more about yourself by consulting your birth sign or life path number 3. For example, if you were born under the symbol of Capricorn, you may be interested in the advice of this sign. Capricorns are known for having a hard work ethic and achieving their goals. If you are born under this sign, you may have a difficult time finding happiness, as you will always be driven by the need to get ahead of others.


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People born under this zodiac sign are generally intelligent and ambitious. The symbol for Capricorn is also the peacock. Many Capricorns worked hard for years earning their place at the top of the corporate ladder. If you want to achieve success, spend Sleeping Dogs reading with your sign of Capricorn.

People born under the symbol of Virgo can benefit from reading Horoscope for June 18th. This sign is considered to be a very passionate and emotional creature. The symbol for Virgo is the water cat.

Many people born under this zodiac sign are hard workers. The diamond sign Virgo can also have issues of self-confidence and need to find a safe haven for their emotions. People who are born under this zodiac symbol are idealistic and dreamers, so it is important that they seek out help when they need it, such as in the form of consulting astrologers who are experienced in the reading of horoscopes.

When people born under this zodiac sign hear about other people who have successfully overcome adversity and have reached great heights of success, they will be inspired. Those who are gifted artists and musicians should put more effort into their craft. Those who have astrological signs that include Geminis are usually sought after for their talents. Their compassion and sensitivity can bring hope to those around them. When planning a romantic holiday, romantic people with Geminis in their zodiac sign will receive many positive omens for their romantic potential.


People who are born under the symbol of Virgo have a strong need for order in their lives. The ruling house of the zodiac, Venus, rules this area of one’s life. Those who value order and structure, they will do well to include Virgo as their ruling house when planning a wedding. When planning a business meeting or getting together, Virgo’s need for the order will make sure all attendees are kept in order, including the venue and seating arrangements.

Those people born under the symbol of Mercury are intelligent and eager learners. While it may be hard to think of Mercury as a sign of luck, the native is often the first to admit that intelligence can make things happen. Those who are fortunate enough to have a Mercury on their zodiac sign are highly gifted students and writers. Because of their creativity and their ability to grasp new ideas, native members of this zodiac often have a difficult time accepting the boundaries that exist in their career and personal life. The constant need to learn and push the envelope can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming to Mercury natives.

Bottom Line

People who are born under the symbol of Virgo have a hard time expressing their feelings without experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms. Emotionally stable people who don’t like to open up to others will often have an easy time expressing their thoughts and emotions with a Virgo in their life. Those people born under this sign are often focused and self-controlled. This zodiac sign also values stability and loyalty, and those people who possess these positive traits are usually ideal candidates for leadership positions. To learn more about how you can develop your own positive traits, as well as other tips for being happy, go online and read reviews of the June 18th Happy Zodiac Guide.

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