The Love Triad – Geminis A Water Sign Aquarius And Pisces

gemini a water sign

What is a Gemini astrology sign? A person born under this sign is said to have an extremely strong intuition and imagination, along with the ability to immediately connect with other human beings. He is also extremely perceptive and may often be the first one to spot a relationship or occurrence that will truly affect the future of two people in love. However, it’s not all good news for Gemini men. Because he is so easily influenced by the external environment, a Gemini can sometimes be stubborn and hard to get along with.

Virgo – The Seventh Sign Of The Zodiac

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The seventh Sign of the Zodiac, the Virgos have a strong need for logic and structure. They also enjoy intellectual stimulation and are often the ones to voice out their opinions. They also value tradition and are constantly questioning the status quo. Due to their need for order, the Virgos of the month of June are often the ones to step in when others seem to lose their way or are lacking in direction.

When it comes to romance, the Virgos of the July birthstone are said to be bold and spontaneous. This zodiac sign is full of energy and so many Virgos are known to dive into new things. While this does make them a very exciting individual to date, this characteristic can also sometimes be a problem. Virgos are prone to getting carried away and may overexert themselves before they’ve really had a chance to evaluate the potential relationship seriously.

Capricorn – One Of The Three Cardinal Signs

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One of the three cardinal signs, the Capricorns have an extremely difficult time building a lasting relationship. However, they do have an exceptionally vivid imagination and often excel at the arts. They are extremely loyal and protective of the people they love, and are often considered to be ideal family members. While these traits make them appealing to others, they can also create issues within a relationship if two Capricorns are romantically involved. Relationships with this sign often break down as the two individuals can’t overcome their fundamental differences.


The other cardinal sign of the zodiac, the Aquarius is also one of the easiest signs to please when it comes to love. It is the sun sign and therefore, one of the easiest groups of signs to relate to. Many Aquarians are often easy going, laid back types that enjoy the best things in life. However, a true Aquarian loves to tackle meaningful issues and work out issues of substance. An Aquarius is the perfect combination of intelligence and physicality and is often considered the quintessential “nerdy” sign of the solar system.


The second cardinal sign of the zodiac, the Pisces has an easy going temperament that makes it very comfortable in most social situations. The artistic and playful personality of the Pisces makes it an enjoyable partner. A Pisces is also very loyal to friends and family and can be a loving, protective, and faithful friend to its lovers. This type of personality trait is common among many of the children born of a couple that is Pisces. In marriage though, it can lead to resentment towards the partner for being controlling and overly emotional due to the intimate knowledge of the couple.

Gemini – A Water Sign

The last of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac, the Gemini is the only sign with both water and Gemini traits. It can be very confusing knowing which traits to place more emphasis on, because both traits are necessary for happiness. The gemini side of the personality is usually considered to be more important, although the water sign is needed to balance and maintain a healthy mind and body.


Combining the traits of both the gemini and the aquarius can lead to an adventurous, dynamic, and sometimes volatile individual. Geminis are creative, sensitive, and emotional, and they need the company of others to feel fulfilled. However, those who are air signs can seem egotistical and strong-minded at times, and thus, they are not recommended as partners.

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