Secret Traits Of An Aquarius Personality

You are the proud owner of an Aquarius personality if you are born between January 23 and February 22. Your ruling planet is Uranus and the ruling house is the eleventh house. The water bearer is the symbol of this zodiac sign. However, it belongs to the Air element. People often see your personality as something of a mystery. You are very intelligent. But many people think of you as rather cold. Expressing emotions isn’t your strong front. Today, we will explore some of the hidden traits of your personality.

Open Mindedness – An Important Trait Of Aquarius Personality

As an Aquarian, you like to keep an open mind about things. You are not swayed by other’s opinions about things, events, places or people. You are more inclined to form your own opinion based on your own observation and experiences. Thus, you try to steer clear of any prejudices and stereotypes. Moreover, it also makes you more open to new experiences. You welcome change instead of being frightened with it.

Secret Traits Of An Aquarius Personality
Secret Traits Of An Aquarius Personality

You Might Burst Out In Anger At Times

Aquarians are known to be cool headed. You mostly don’t get into any conflicts. However, this also backfires at times. Since you don’t confront people, you tend to keep a lot of anger and frustration pent up inside you. Then, if someone is unlucky enough to test your patience, you might burst out at them.

People With Aquarius Personality Are Good Listeners

You are one of the best listeners. When you listen, you listen, you don’t just hear it. You try to empathize with people and understand their situation. Thus naturally, you give pretty good advice as well. Therefore, it is no surprise that a lot of your friends turn up to you for advices.

People Misunderstand You

You are strong headed and opinionated. But at times, you seem quite aloof to people. This has to do with your lack of emotional expression. People think you don’t have any emotions since you don’t show them. But you have your own wierd way of showing emotions which not everyone gets. That is why people often mistake you for being cold or detached.

Aquarius Personality Makes You Fiercely Independent

People born with this zodiac sign are very independent. You have a mind of their own. Thus, you don’t like to be told what to do or not do. You like to make up your own mind. You enjoy your own independence. And you don’t need anyone else to feel fulfilled. You might also turn rebellious if you think anyone is trying to control your life.

Secret Traits Of An Aquarius Personality
Secret Traits Of An Aquarius Personality

You Are Naturally Sarcastic

Not everyone gets or enjoys your sense of humor. But you have a very different sense of humor. Some might even take it as being snarky. But you are just you. You are mostly sarcastic without even trying. You are a natural. And those who get you, enjoy it a lot.

Take Away

Aquarians belong to the Air element. And just like other Air signs, they are intelligent, creative and perceptive. However, they have an aura of mystery around them. This is mostly because of their eccentricity. Not everyone gets them. And people often misunderstand them. But once you get to know them, they can be great friends.

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