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scorpio zodiac sign today

Ruled over by the planets Pluto and Mars, Scorpio is the Eighth zodiac sign for people born in between the 23rd of October and the 21st of November. People born as Scorpios are usually known to be passionate and stubborn when it comes to something or someone they love. However, they might sometimes get envious of others, regardless of which, at the end of the day they’re always a true friend. As the new year has arrived, everyone is curious to know how their year is expected to go. So here is all that is in store for Scorpions.

This year is expected to be a pretty average year when it comes to Scorpio-born with neither too many ups, nor too many downs. The social circles you are in will now be closer than ever.  Special care would be taken between October regarding health matters. Otherwise, this year will almost always be a smooth ride for this zodiac.


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There will be minor health issues throughout the year which will also be recovered just as soon. This can be avoided by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet throughout the year. Any extremes in food or seasoned food might create big problems. , scorpion-born need to look out for sexually transmitted diseases, so it is best to take certain precautionary measures all over the year. This is because of Pluto, which is associated with the reproductive organs in our body. 

This year might cause you some visits to the hospital but the problems will only be minor. So, there will only be a minor inconvenience on your part. Take out some time for yourself, eat well, focus all your energy on positivity and staying optimistic. Extra care should be taken when there are changes in the weather as your body will be highly susceptible to diseases at that time.


The second half of this year might see some minor fights and misunderstandings with family members but this year will turn out to be a happy one with your folks and family members. Do not be afraid of letting a person go, because that would only mean removing toxicity from your life and this year should only be about positivity and good vibes all around. 

Making new friends and socializing more would be the best option in the first half of the year because these are sure to become an integral part of your lifestyle, too.

This year is a good year if one is considering having kids and growing them up alongside. Raising them and dealing with them would be much easier and is sure to be a very memorable experience. There might be some major lifestyle changes regarding housing and redecorating, but they are only for your best, so do not think twice before giving your house a new look and spending more time with your loved ones.


The planet Jupiter is sure to strengthen your relations, help in personal growth by increasing self- confidence. Your lifestyle might change in the sense that your share in communities around you will be different and more engaged than it was in the past few years. There will be many opportunities for you to completely transform the way that you are currently living, including your home, decorations, and so on. All- in-all, things will be very different this year and the best thing to do is to ensure that you stay calm and composed and willingly take up challenges and risks that come along your way.

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