Sagittarius – The Opposite Sign Of Gemini

opposite sign of gemini

Sagittarius is understood to think about the happenings of the future. They go for big situations and are said to be very ambitious. They mainly focus on their future aims. Being located on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel, these two signs are known to be intelligence in motion. Gemini (air) and Sagittarius (fire) being the elements describe these two signs as being very positive. They are vastly social and young.

Broadly Looking Into Sagittarius


It is always perceived to be concentrating on the future and its possibilities. It tends to be imagined on a broader canvas. It also has a universal approach towards things. Sagittarius has a clear vision of aim and keeps on furnishing itself with enough information towards fulfilling its aim. Although Sagittarius is not much into openness and is said to do and learn things that are only beneficial for achieving its aim in the future. Sagittarians prefer complete liberty; they are said to be optimistic and hilarious at the same time. They are fun-loving and open-minded. Intellectuality is one of the most promising traits of this sign. They can form the best conversations among all other signs of the zodiac. They are generally known and admired for their spontaneity. These general traits enable them to inspire others in life to become the best of their versions.

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However, there are certain drawbacks too. Sagittarians lack commitment. They get bored easily and move on by leaving certain jobs unfinished. They lack practical work experience. They usually begin work with a grand gesture. But eventually, they either sit back or walk away. The knowledge they gain at times remains under researched and lacks depth because of leaving work in the middle. As per career, Sagittarians make the best writers, coaches, teachers, etc. Talkative and inspiring being the general traits that push them forward into these professions.

Sagittarians have certain traits which they don’t reveal to the outer world. They are unpretentious. They have a natural habit of saving money. Although they seem to like being very materialistic and lovers of possession, being free spirits with a carefree nature. They save money secretly. In terms of practical matters, they are usually naïve owing to a lack of work sense, but they are whip-smart.


Both Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs. They are mentally agile. There exists a general collaboration among both of them. People get misguided by considering Sagittarius to be the smarter one than the other. Both have certain traits from which the other benefits. This process fastens when both of them rest upon their extreme positions. Sagittarians adore animals and at times possess an affinity

towards feathered and furry beings. They also stay close to scaly people around them. As archer being their sign, they have restlessness imbibed in their nature.

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