New Zealand’s Approach to the Space Economy: The 8 Wire Mindset

Space Economy: The 8 Wire Mindset

A Maori proverb says, “In this canoe, we are all together.” This saying is fitting for New Zealand. People in New Zealand have a self-reliance mentality, expressed as a “Number 8 wire” mentality.

New Zealand has always been a good country at finding solutions to problems. It is partly because of the culture of sharing and using whatever resources are available. One example of this is the use of steel wire on farms. This wire was also used in many ways to create or fix things, leading to a can-do attitude and a culture of innovation. 

Another example is New Zealand’s space program, which is unique compared to other countries space programs.

New Zealand’s Space Ecosystem

In the European Union and the United States, government space agencies encourage businesses to commercialize technologies and products developed for space. These agencies also generate demand for space-related goods in the marketplace.

New Zealand’s space ecosystem is different from other countries. The private sector does most of the work in New Zealand, with the New Zealand Space Agency (NZSA) helping out. It is partly because of the country’s neoliberal reforms in the 1980s and ’90s. 

These reforms changed the country’s political and economic landscape and made it easier for foreign investment. New Zealand has developed a commercial space industry rather than it being started by the government. In this way, they are more responsive to the sector’s needs. 

They are unique, but other countries could have a similar process if they have the entrepreneurs and the right environment to make it happen.

So, What Is The Number 8 Wire Mindset?

The Number 8 wire mindset is a can-do attitude and a culture of innovation. It is about finding solutions to problems and using whatever resources are available. This mindset has led to some impressive achievements in New Zealand.

The Number 8 wire mindset is also about taking risks and being creative. It is what has helped New Zealanders to succeed in the space industry. They are willing to try new things and are not afraid to fail. This mindset is not just about space. It can be applied to other areas as well. New Zealanders have used the Number 8 wire mindset to create successful businesses in many industries.

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