How to Use Your Astrology Chart

astrology chart

An astrology chart is a visual depiction or description of the physical positions of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and other celestial bodies at the time of a specific event, including the precise moment of a human’s conception. The term astrology is related to the Greek word meaning “astronomy.” Horoscopes were historically called sky charts. Modern astrologers today use different terms, one of which is planetary geometry, which refers to the mathematics of celestial measurements.

Horoscopes are usually drawn using the astrology chart, which includes 12 horizontal lines representing the planets. These represent the elements that will influence the individuals born on that particular day. These 12 elements are further broken down into colors, each color reflecting one of the twelve zodiac signs. Each sign has a specific and unique position in the heavens.

Astrology Chart


A complete astrology chart consists of 12 vertical lines, also known as the meridians, which represent the houses or sections of the sky that the Sun or Moon will inhabit at the precise moment of birth of each individual. These meridians are further divided into 12 parts, each of which is ruled by a house. The Sun occupies the first house, which is situated in the left part of the chart, beyond the ascendant and directly above the element associated with the second house, which is air. The element associated with this house is water. The Moon occupies the second house, which is situated between the ascendant and the Sun.

The second element is earth, and the third is metal. Air represents the Sun, and the third element is water. Water is closely associated with the element that is directly opposite it, and this is the Earth. The next section of an astrology chart is made up of what are known as houses, which are sections of the sky that the Sun or Moon will cross while they are in the skies.

Different Zodiac Sign

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An astrology chart is made up of 12 sections, each of which has a different zodiac sign. Each of these signs contains characteristics associated with the characteristics of the individual person. These include places, times, dates, and time periods. For example, the ruling planet for a specific house could be Venus. If you look at your astrology chart and notice that it has a house that is ruled by Venus, then this indicates that your personal character is one that is inclined to social interaction.

Astrologers use astrology charts to help them interpret the precise moment at which a person will meet their celestial destiny. This is why astrologers rely on very precise calculations to determine the precise moment at which a person is born. Using your own birth chart, the astrologers determine the exact moment at which you will become a parent. In fact, some astrologers even predict how certain planets and stars will affect your life! There are so many things to predict with astrology that many astrologers consider themselves to be miracle workers.

Things To Know

One of the first things an astrology chart will tell you is the ruling planet from which a particular person is born. Every person has three rulers of the planets in their birth chart – the Sun, the Moon, and Mars. The Sun rules everything around the individual who is born under the sign, including his home planet. The Moon rules everything around the individual who is born under the sign, including his ascendant (the planet directly above him). Finally, Mars rules the individual’s outer planet, which is always visible from his Sun, Moon, and Mars.

Bottom Line

Western astrology chart patterns are more fluid than those found in eastern astrology, as they are influenced by more than one factor. This being said; however, it is still possible to use one type of chart pattern to chart your personal astrology. For instance, if you are born under the sign of Virgo and have a birthday between February and March, you could very well chart your astrology according to Virgo’s rulers – the Sun and the Moon. However, if you are born under the sign of Capricorn and have a birthday between September and October, you can chart your chart using the Virgo, Sun, and Mars rulers.

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