How To Use The Zodiac Rising Sign Meaning For Your Own Personal Good

gemini rising sign

It is also the first sign to rise, which happens to be one of the four cardinal signs. The second sign to rise is the Sun. And so, if you are born in the month of June and the day of your birthday is June too, then you are a Gemini.

Your ascendant is the color of gold, and you are warm, friendly and full of fun. Okay, you already know your Sun sign – you are a Taurus – but there is more to this chart than that! Your ascendant, also known as your rising sign, is your rising sign as far as your birthday goes. And that makes your Gemini rising sign style even more interesting!

Virgo And Leo


Do you have a sign that is Virgo? If you do, then you probably like the ideas that come to mind when you hear about Virgo and Leo. These two signs are very sociable and they like to chat a lot. But do not mistake these two sign types for being the same. In fact, they are completely different. A Virgo, although a very sociable sign, is rather introverted.

And so, your Gemini rising sign would be a Sagittarius. Your Gemini is very driven and determined, and so these types are generally quite serious about their careers. They also have very strong self-discipline, and a need to work very hard to make a point. However, they can be very loving and thus tend to be clingy.



So if your Gemini Rising Sign meaning is Scorpio, then you tend to be a bit of a commando, and you love to think of yourself as the boss. This zodiac sign is very ambitious and they like to see things accomplished. Scorpios need a boss or someone who will tell them what to do. If you do not enjoy this, then you may have a problem. You need someone who will guide your hand.

Do you have a rising sun sign? If you do, then your gemini would be a Leo. All Leo loves to find out what others are thinking. They are very intuitive and so, sometimes it may be hard to keep them on the right track, but that is part of what makes them so great.

Pay Attention To How You Present Yourself

Your Gemini Rising Sign meaning, being a Leo will depend largely on what you wear, what you eat, where you live, and the people around you. Do not dress to impress, but rather pay attention to how you present yourself. It’s your first impression, and if you want others to see your true personality, then your first impression should be good. Be clean, wear nice clothes, carry yourself with dignity, and you will give off a sunny temperament which people will find extremely agreeable.

In addition, your Gemini Rising Sign meaning may find you more receptive to the positive aspects of a new opportunity than others around you. When things go well for you, they may find that they cannot ignore you. However, if something goes wrong, you may find that others pass you by – perhaps you were too relaxed. You have to be able to handle these types of things with ease – you will also find that your Gemini Rising Sign has a difficult time letting go of any negativity that may come around.

A Perfect Sign To Help You With Your Communication Skills

If you find that you are naturally a very communicative person, your Gemini rising sign would be a perfect sign to help you with your communication skills. The rising sign rules the communication field, and the best way to boost your personality traits is through the use of words. Speak from the heart when you are speaking to others, as this represents the true you. Speak and listen to other people’s needs and problems, and use your Gemini rising sign traits in a positive way.

Your Gemini Rising Sign, being a Virgo, would prefer to have a job that has a proven track record. Jobs that offer financial rewards are most appealing to the Gemini rising sign, and this does not mean that you should never work for the first paycheck you receive. In fact, you are most likely to succeed if you set up a regular budget so that you know exactly where your money is going. It is important to know what it is you want to purchase with your salary, as well as the amount that you can afford to spend on a particular item. Set aside a small budget for entertainment, as this makes it easier to stay focused on the big picture.


You must also make sure that you do not spend too much time thinking about money, as this can distract you from doing your most important job; enjoying life. When it comes to romance, the Gemini rising sign means “sexy”. You need to develop your seduction skills and learn how to attract the opposite sex. In order to do this, you must understand human psychology. Find out what turns women on, and what turns them off. You must also take control of your own mind and learn to let go of inhibitions and negative thoughts so that you can truly become a satisfying lover and friend to your significant other.

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