How to Interpret Gemini and Sagittarius Horoscope Information

gemini season

What does each Sign mean, and how can you use it to determine when your Gemini will fall in love? Well, every sign has several specific traits which hold true for that Sign. However, there are three things that affect the traits of each Sign, and by understanding how they work together, you can use this information to determine when your Gemini will fall in love. In this article, we’ll discuss these three things and then provide some specific signs of when your Gemini will most likely announce his or her romantic interest.

Gemini Season

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First, let’s discuss our ruling planet Mercury or the “Sabbath.” This planet rules Taurus, and Venus, Libra, and Scorpio, with Taurus being the planet of metal and creativity, and Venus the planet of beauty and affection. The four elements represented by Mercury are air (air, earth, fire, and water), metal (earth, fire, gold, silver), water (spiritual, earth, gold, silver), and time (space, time, object). This is a very general description, but we’ll get into more details about each of the other six planets here. For now, just keep in mind that all of the basic traits described here are related to how people interact with Mercury.

Ruling Planet

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Second, we’ll discuss our second ruling planet, Venus. Venus rules Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio and is the planet of communication and attraction. This is a great way to determine your Gemini season because it gives you a great way to start working on your confidence, communication, and imagination. This is also a great way to increase your creativity because, as a fixed planet, Venus always seems to have something creative to offer.

Third, it’s a great time to use your astrology. For example, if you are in Taurus, an air sign, then it’s a great time to use the air signs in your chart. If you are in Libra, an air sign, then it’s a great time to use the water signs in your chart. If you are in Scorpio, an air sign, then it’s a great time to use the fire signs in your chart. And if you are in Pisces, an air sign, then it’s a great time to use the water signs in your chart.

With these three pieces of information at hand, it’s easy to determine your Gemini, or whatever mutable sign you may be, by determining the type of seasons they experience. For example, in regards to your personal birth sign, it is based on your Sun sign energy. It follows the rule; if your Sun sign energy is greater than -3, then you are experiencing mutable signs in your chart. However, this only lasts for a few days per year, and then your cycle comes full circle.

Things To Know

When it comes to the other two signs, it is based on Mercury retrograde and Venus in its retrograde cycle. For example, if your Mercury retrograde period is around November, then you are having your Mercury retrograde in November – which means that you have had your Mercury retrograde for about five days at this point. If your Venus in its annual Libra cycle comes around March, then you have had your Venus retrograde for about ten days – which means that you have had your Venus for about five days as well. You can see how these things affect your Gemini’s ability to predict what the coming season will be like.

With regards to your own personal zodiac sign, you may feel that your Gemini or Sagittarius is not aligned with your sign, but this is not true. As previously mentioned, each sign has one of twelve signs, and these are represented by specific colors. Your Gemini sign is in one of these colors, and it will influence your zodiac placement. For example, if your Gemini sign was in yellow (the color of health), then you would experience increasing health benefits throughout the season.

Bottom Line

When you use the zodiac sign to determine your Gemini horoscope, make sure that you consider all of the elements involved. Do not just look at the element associated with your Gemini star sign. This may seem obvious, but it still bears repeating – pay attention to all the details. This way, you can get a more accurate answer when you ask questions about your future, or better yet, use the information to make better choices about your current situation.

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