Geminis – Two Personality Traits

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The Gemini in the ninth house has many interesting traits. It is ruled by Mercury the planet of communication and of course, communication is always done through the spoken word and the written word. This makes it ruled by Mercury which has the characteristic to be “prancing along the way”. It also has the characteristic that its phases take place in the morning, afternoon, and at night. Its twelfth element is iron. It symbolizes hard work and determined loyalty.

The Gemini in the second house is full of surprises. Its twelfth element is aluminum. It’s not only Mercury but also aluminum is present in the second house. Therefore, this is one birth chart that is full of surprises. To better understand the characteristics of this horoscope, you should go deeper into the information about the planets and the other heavenly bodies.

The Gemini is the third house that is full of air elements. Its twelfth element is sulfur. This combination is characteristic of the air sign. Air signs are characterized by their freedom and their spontaneity. They can easily get carried away with their emotions and the Gemini is like this as well.

Characteristics reside in Gemini

Two Personality

A Gemini is a very imaginative and intelligent being. It is characterized by its lively nature and its constant changes in personality traits. As a result of this, it tends to vary widely in its thinking. It has a very wide imagination and as a result, it will be prone to a lot of unusual ideas. The Gemini zodiac signs are famous for their extravagant imaginations.

The Gemini in the fourth house is characterized by its creativity. It has the quality to see the big picture and has a good sense of humor. It will always have a natural flair for entertainment and is imaginative by nature. It has a distinctive sixth sense that comes from its Mercury and Venus rising sign.

This combination is characterized by its restless moods, frankness, and sensitivity. The Geminis cannot stand routine and are quick-witted and have an insatiable appetite for adventure. They are restless, free spirits and because of this, they get into great trouble at once. They are easily distracted and cannot focus on a particular project for long. They have a great sense of humor but are generally misunderstood due to their impulsive and lively character.

This zodiac sign is symbolized by the twins Geminis who represent the twins’ rising aspects of the zodiac. They are restless, inventive, quick-witted, and sensitive, and have a great curiosity about new things. Their delicate combination of cerebral and physical qualities makes Geminis easy to please and also very attractive to others.

Gemini’s sensitive nature makes them ideal companions for those people who enjoy intellectual conversation and who value originality and creativity. Gemini is very social and enjoys getting involved in social events and friendships. 

However, their eagerness to be part of new things can get them into trouble at times. Gemini’s restless energy can annoy those who try to contain their wild side or keep them in check. So if you want to have a companion who is sociable, creative, sensitive to needs, and likes to be in on the new things, then the Gemini personality is just for you.

Those born under this rising sign have an artistic bent in their personalities. They are excellent artists with lots of talent. Their artistic abilities often lead them to experiment with various forms of art including drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Gemini’s artistic nature makes them capable of brilliance in many forms of art.

The Jupiter symbol is included in the ascendant and Jupiter is the chief planet in the solar year. A serene mind that is filled with intellectual stimulation is characteristic of a Gemini. The presence of Jupiter in the third house of a natal chart helps us to understand better the characteristics of a Gemini. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius are all signs that include Jupiter in their ascendant or house III. All these signs share some common traits like frank and dynamic nature, inventive, intellectual, and sensitivity.

Final words

Two Personality

If we compare the Gemini with any other mutable sign, we can easily see the similarities of their personality traits. This is because the Gemini has these traits in abundance, and they can be expressed by the right combination of clothing and jewelry pieces. This also explains why they are so interesting as people with several personalities at once!

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