Do You Know the Real Meaning of Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Someone born between October 24 and November 21 is a Scorpio, but there’s so much more to that. Scorpio-borns are the most intense, powerful, and profound in the zodiac. However, the Scorpio Zodiac sign is one of the most misunderstood. Because of its power combined with incredible passion, it’s often erroneously called a fire sign when it’s not.

It is one of the water signs like Pisces and Cancer. Persons under a water sign are very intuitive and clairvoyant. They derive strength from the emotional and psychic realm. Scorpio’s distinctive characteristic is its nasty sting, and it strikes, especially when least expected.

The celestial spirit animal it represents lies in wait until it decides to strike. With calculated moves, it plots its steps ahead in orchestrating an attack. It doesn’t necessarily mean their intentions are nefarious. They know what they’re targeting for and how to get it. They don’t mind playing the long game for it.

Those under the Scorpio Zodiac sign are also assertive and determined, continually researching until they find out the truth. They make great leaders as they are very keen and resourceful.

The Sensual Scorpio

Under this most sensual sign in the horoscope, they’re not only passionate as described earlier, but they are also very intimate. These beings would choose honest and intelligent partners. Once they fall in love, they show dedication and faithfulness. However, they invest in the time to build the trust and respect that are crucial to them.

Their enigmatic nature makes them both seductive and beguiling. It is the most closely associated with sex as the part of its body that it governs is its genital area. For them, sex is not solely about pleasure, but a craving for physical closeness. They regard sex as something that provides not only emotional intimacy but spiritual illumination too.

It is ruled by Pluto, the planet which governs destruction as well as transformation. Relative to a Scorpion-born’s energy, it is enticing and ambitious on its brighter days. However, on its bad days, its shady side relentlessly desires control. Their hunger for power puts them at risk of poisoning themselves.

The Scorpio Zodiac sign is best when its innate intensity is applied to meaningful connections with peers and lovers. When their trust is built with others, they demonstrate deep empathy. They give a kind of commitment that brightens even the darkest part of a Scorpio’s shadow and magical psyche. The lucky colors of Scorpio are rust, red, and scarlet and the lucky numbers are 8, 11, 18, and 22 and have a fixed quality.

The fundal element of Scorpio is water under the ruler of Pluto and Mars. Scorpio has its own strengths and weaknesses. The strength quality of Scorpio – they are brave, passionate, calm, cool, determined, decisive, assertive, resourceful and a true friend but they are a jealous person, violent, and secretive. They don’t like people who are not honest and love to keep secrets.

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