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Difference Between Male And Female Zodiac Sign

You will probably be surprised to know that there are male and female zodiac signs. No, they aren’t categorized on the basis of gender. This categorization is on the basis of the energy they possess. There is male energy and female energy. And each zodiac sign possesses one of the energies, thus, the categorization. Below, we will discuss the differences in the signs based on their male or female energy.

Male Zodiac Sign

Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries are the male signs. Astrologers also called them positive or active signs. This is because these people are active. They are mostly extroverts. They love to please people. And most of their actions are for others.

Difference Between Male And Female Zodiac Sign
Difference Between Male And Female Zodiac Sign

Having the male energy here means that these signs are ambitious and independent. They are resourceful and they love their freedom. They are also intelligent and creative. These people are also very confident. They are born leaders.

The male signs are very energetic too. So, they need an outlet for that extra energy. Or else, they can get into any physical or mental health issue. Therefore, they always need to be doing something. They can’t keep themselves empty.

The signs with male energy want to change the world. They want to be the leaders of change. These people are somewhat attracted by the limelight. But they also have the honest desire to better the world. These people are also very straightforward. They aren’t hypocrites. Diplomacy isn’t really their cup of tea.

They are very honest. These people say things as they see them. Thus, they can come off as rude and arrogant. And they tend to hurt people. But that’s not what they mean to do. They are just being brutally honest. They are very down to earth as well. These people don’t believe in any shenanigans. They are very sorted as individuals.

Signs With Female Energy

Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces and Virgo possess the female energy. Astrologers also call these signs as passive signs. This is because these signs believe in saving their energy. These signs aren’t self dependent. When there is a difficult situation, they feel helpless.

They are also pessimistic. And they are afraid to take charge of their own lives. They always need somebody in their lives to support them. These signs look for a strong support system which they often find in the male signs. That’s why they are attracted towards the male signs.

People born under these signs are usually introverts. They are highly sensitive. And they often lack self confidence which makes them vulnerable. These people can sometimes be gullible too. Instead of attacking, their strategy for life is defence.

Difference Between Male And Female Zodiac Sign
Difference Between Male And Female Zodiac Sign

However, these signs know their shortcomings. And they are ready to improve themselves. They work on their knowledge and skills. However, they find it hard to achieve their goals when compared to the male signs. And their energy is more feminine.

Bottom Line

Your gender has nothing to do with the energy of your zodiac sign. There are many men with female signs. And at the same time, the truth is many women have male signs. This is related to the time and date of your birth. If you belong to the male sign, you will be more outgoing and energetic. On the other hand, people with female signs will be more introverted and sensitive.

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