Compatibility For The Aquarius And Taurus Moon Sign


If you possess an Aquarius moon sign in your natal charts, it indicates that the Moon was in the Aquarius section of your chart when you were born. Your Sun sign and your moon sign combine to form a more detailed portrait of your personality. While it’s possible for people with an Aquarius birthmark to be exceptionally creative and versatile, having the Moon in your Moon Sign can also work to your benefit. You’ll be able to use this dual aspect of your Moon Sign to tap into your inner strengths and weaknesses to achieve your personal goals.

Extreme Feelings

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People with an Aquarius moon sign have extreme feelings towards life and the universe. They can be spontaneous and intense but may seem to have difficulty expressing those feelings logically or healthily. This is because an Aquarius is so deeply connected to the emotional plane of their mind, and they need strong outlets for their strong emotions to be able to deal with changes in their life that are sometimes difficult to handle.

Problems Expressing Feelings

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Because of this, many Aquarians have problems expressing their feelings and may do so in an irrational and overbearing way. An Aquarius cannot process negative emotions and cannot turn off their feelings in a small amount of time. As a result, many Aquarians experience feelings of depression even if they do not know why they are depressed. Aquarians have a reputation for being less outwardly social than other zodiac signs and tend to keep to themselves when they don’t feel like being around others. When you are around them, you can sometimes sense a little bit of tension between them, even though they are very friendly. Even though there are times that this is a good quality about them, you need to pay close attention to watch for this Aquarius Moon sign tendency.

Likely To Be A Vegetarian

This lack of social interaction can also make an Aquarius much more likely to be a vegetarian. Being this type of person doesn’t mean that they don’t like to eat, though they will probably want to do it more healthily. Many people who are this zodiac are also considered to be very compassionate, so being a vegetarian does not make an Aquarius a bad person. However, these signs are generally very caring about the world, so they would likely be very supportive of any humanitarian causes that they believe in.

Great Need For Accuracy

Another trait that an Aquarius Moon sign indicates is their great need for accuracy. An Aquarius is constantly scanning the universe for patterns and anomalies that will help them understand how the world works. They often spend long hours pouring over different journals and maps, trying to find patterns or anomalies that will prove something. Because of this, they are naturally excellent at mathematical calculations and have a great need for accuracy. While many other zodiac signs are inclined to have more excitement and more dreams, an Aquarius cannot always fall into either category. They tend to be incredibly sensible and literal with their decisions, but they also love adventure and the unknown.

Sign Is Ruled By The Moon

When considering these traits, remember that the sign is ruled by the Moon and by the planet Venus. Together with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars, these two planets make up the main parts of the zodiac. There are twelve minor planets, as well as four really big planets that affect every sign. The Aquarius, Taurus, and Virgo are ruled by the Sun, which means that they get their emotions from the Sun, while Pisces and Capricorn get their emotions from the Moon. Every other sign is ruled by one of the four major elements: air, water, fire, and earth. This means that the Aquarius, Taurus, and Virgo get their emotions from the Sun, fire, and air, respectively, while Pisces and Capricorn get their emotions from the Moon.

Zodiac Signs

As far as the zodiac signs go, there is a special one for each of the four elements. The Gemini moon is ruled by the planet Venus, and this gives the sign a very outward appearance. It is full of love, beauty, and perfection and will not belong for its belt. However, the Gemini is also emotional and will not be a good fit for those who do not feel they can keep up. Cancer is a Taurus moon, and it will express the struggles and joys of life and worry about how to bring the needs and desires of others to fruition.

The Last One: Cancer

Cancer is also the sign of the most natural zodiac during a cycle of three and a half days. It rules the third house of the house of your birth, the aura, and its emotional aspect, which can make the sign very unstable and moody. The Gemini is the stone sign that is full of joy but also worries excessively. When a relationship comes into question, it is the Gemini that gets the blame. While all three sun signs are volatile and have their moments of extreme emotion, this does not mean they will not get along and share a deep connection.

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