Compatibility For A Capricorn And An Aquarius

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The love compatibility between Aquarius & Virgo is certainly an interesting one! They’re poles apart on many of their astrological aspects, including their ideal choice for a romantic partner, yet there’s a chance that they might make it through the journey! It’s a challenging one that raises the very important question: Are Aquarius & Virgo compatible enough together? It takes more than one sign to make a relationship work, and it takes a lot more than one star to even start a relationship. This article will explore some possible connections between the two signs and explore whether or not there is anything romantic about them.

Many signs of the zodiac are considered to be “falling” signs, meaning that the traits and aspects of each sign do not match up perfectly. This is particularly true of the compatibility of Aquarius & Virgo. Both have fiery, adventurous tendencies and are often incredibly emotional. This makes them a good match, both physically as well as emotionally, but it can create problems when they don’t get along.

Aquarius And Virgo

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When they first meet, Aquarius & Virgo are likely to spend a lot of time together in the sun. This is something of a trial for both of them since Aquarius is slightly afraid of the dark and tends to steer clear of potentially dangerous situations. But the sun gives them both an energy and enthusiasm that they lack elsewhere. Aquarius needs a lot of stimulation, and Virgo longs to be with a group of her own kind. If there are too many others like her, she tends to feel restless and crabby.


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Virgo has a hard time figuring out where she fits in. A shy person might find it hard to open up to someone else, but she’ll find that her shyness rarely limits her ability to be creative or emotionally meaningful. Virgo also has a great need for control and is often quite self-conscious about being unable to control her emotions. Aquarius, on the other hand, is comfortable with their feelings and likes to let them express themselves. They may also find it helpful to have others come in and tell them exactly what they’re feeling at any given time.

Because of their divergent ways, both Aquarius & Virgo may enjoy their relationships more than they like to admit. They may sometimes think that their partners have a bit of ego due to their obvious similarities (both born on the same birthdays). If the relationship progresses to love, these two signs will truly learn to value themselves more. Both Aquarians & Virgo are very independent, so if you are looking for a partner who is willing to share your interests and be more open to life than yourself, then these signs will fit you perfectly!

Things To Know

Both signs tend to be slow and logical when it comes to making decisions. If you don’t have much room to be spontaneous in a relationship, this may not be a good choice. Virgo tends to think before they act and is likely to wait for things to occur rather than trying to act quickly to make an impression. Aquarius, on the other hand, loves to take risks and experience new things. If you are someone who is easily rattled by changes or sudden changes in routines, this pairing would not be ideal.

Both Aquarius & Virgo have somewhat independent personalities, but they need to be reassured that they do not have to take orders from anyone. Aquarius needs to feel as though he/she is the main star in a relationship and needs to be the one setting the pace. When the relationship does become serious, Aquarius & Virgo may feel as though they have lost all of the freedom that they felt at the beginning of the relationship. Aquarius is drawn to women who enjoy the finer things in life. Virgo adores a romantic and adventurous man who shares his/her adventures with them.

Bottom Line

Overall, these two signs have great compatibility as friends, lovers, and partners. However, there may be times when the Aquarius or the Virgos need each other’s support and patience. When these times arise, remember that you have two very different kinds of people inside of you, and you need to respect that inner conflict.

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