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The Scorpion is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating in the constellation of Scorpio. It covers about 205° during each year, with a tail extending far beyond the orbit of Earth. Under the traditional tropical zodiac, Scorpio is assigned to the planet Mercury, with Earth being in its own Scorpio orbit. Scorpio is the only sign that is not an essential sign; it shares the sign of Aries (the ram) with Taurus (the bull), with Libra (the scales) and Capricorn (the horn). Unlike the other Zodiac signs, Scorpio was not assigned to the element Earth, but rather became associated with the metal. In fixed-moon cycles, Scorpio has the greatest influence from Mercury.

An Overview

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This zodiac sign falls between September and October, with the full moon not coming around until February 14th. With the symbol of the scorpion being so closely identified with this zodiac sign, the sign of Scorpio has had many nicknames throughout history. Some of these names include “the Lord of the Scorpion,” “the Cruel One,” and “the Poisoner.” Scorpio children are often named after their astrological signs, such as “Scorpius” and “Scorpius’ boy.”

Scorpio represents the idea of enduring change and difficulty. When it comes to personal relationships, Scorpios are often misunderstood. Scorpios have a difficult time communicating properly with others because they often use deception to hide their true feelings. They also take the time to analyze things carefully, to be sure before taking a step or making a decision.

Scorpio Compatibility Facts


Scorpio is associated with creativity as well as action. This zodiac sign loves to build up their confidence in their skills and abilities, especially when these are displayed during the self-doubt that comes with maturity. Scorpio youth can be filled with excitement and action as long as the zodiac Gemini holds the sign of Leo. Both of these signs enjoy pursuing their own interests and have a penchant for building and creating things.

Scorpio is a creature of mystery and sometimes confusion. The life lessons learned from this zodiac cannot always be fully comprehended by most people. Scorpios are often misunderstood and suffer from negative opinions about themselves and others. Their stubbornness makes them seem like they need to be coaxed or forced into doing something. However, the true nature of a Scorpio character is quite straightforward and requires patience.

Scorpio is one of the twelve zodiac signs and the only one that do not feature an animal in the element of air. It can be likened to a teddy bear that never stops smiling, or a lion that never stops shedding. The personality traits associated with Scorpio are dependable, confident, and focused but have the tendency to shine when faced with a great opportunity or challenge.

A Scorpio’s natural born qualities include being sentimental and emotional at times. He will treasure deeply the happy memories of his childhood and he will often choose to look back fondly on those years with wonder rather than dwell on the sadness of his present era. When faced with a problem, a Scorpio will do whatever it takes to resolve it. This can include ignoring facts and leading his friends and family down a dead end path. As he values loyalty above all else, a Scorpio can become completely irrationally and overly protective of loved ones.

In The End

A Scorpio has a difficult time accepting changes. He prefers routine and he will often fight against any deviation from that order. Change can be paralyzing to a Scorpio and he can become depressed and even lose his temper if he feels his world has come to a halt. Luckily, there is one bright spot in the dark side of a Scorpio’s nature: he has a devoted, caring side that he will use to promote his personal interests and help others. Scorpios are also known for their creativity and many Scorpios thrive on the challenge of coming up with unusual ideas. Though this can sometimes make them seem daft, a Scorpio’s creativity and inventiveness can often result in him creating something truly unique.

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