Best Astrological List for Aquarius Sign Matches

aquarius sign matches

Aquarius is one of the most important signs in Astrology. The people born in these months are usually very consistent and make strong stances. Some of them have quirky personality behaviours. They are also into learning intellectual world themes and like analysing things around them including their relationships. Aquarius people are those who are born between January 21 to February 19. They come under the ruling of Uranus. This usually means that there is constant pressure of upcoming change. One of the important phases of the multifaceted Aquarius people is that they are very individualistic but they are extroverted too.

Personality Traits of an Aquarius Person

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Some of the important character traits of Aquarius people are:

  • They are very opinionated. They don’t shy away from sharing what they think. You don’t have to struggle to make unconventional conversations with them. They are strong-headed and stand by what they say.
  • Aquarius is found to be moody. Especially when things aren’t working well for them. They might tend to become more aloof and closed-off. And when things aren’t working the way they want them to, they might become cynical and hard to handle.
  • And one of the important aspects of an Aquarius is that they don’t easily let their guard down. Although they are mostly extroverted they tend to be secretive about things they do not want to share. Not even with people, they are closest with. And this might be a problem when it comes to relationships.
  • It is to be noted that Aquarius looks for people who have a very good sense of humour. Their humour shouldn’t be restricted and shouldn’t tend to harm anyone’s feelings when they do so. This is because this kind of humour shows them a kind of wit that Aquarius is attracted to.
  • As mentioned before, Aquarius is opinionated. This makes them strong personalities. And they tend to like challenges. So when they find a complex personality, they are attracted to those people. This mysterious complexity is a challenge for them to figure out and work on.

Best Matches for an Aquarius Person

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  • Aquarius and Gemini – This is one of the most successful pairings among all of the star signs. Aquarius is attracted to the creative mind of a Gemini. They are also attracted to the intellectual knowledge of a Gemini. And Geminis being attractive makes them even more of a better choice for them. These two-star signs tend to make an instant connection. But following a few years into the relationship, it requires effort and hard work from both of them to save that relationship following the honeymoon phase.
  • Aquarius and Sagittarius – If the Aquarius is not looking for a serious relationship like they usually prefer not to, they hit off with Sagittarius. Both of the star signs being time commitment phobics work pretty great. As far as they don’t force each other to put a label on that relationship they work out great together.
  • Aquarius and Aquarius – This is a unique alliance. Both of the fellow Aquarians tend to understand each other on a greater level. With some additional work, these relationships usually work out for the best.


This article aims to brief on the personality traits of Aquarius. Following this, it aims to give you a list of star signs that are the best matches for the same. These match results are brought to you based on thorough research. They are also a result of social experiments. Hope you were benefited from this listing of ours.

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