Aquarius – The Opposite Sign of Taurus

aquarius opposite sign

A person learning about astrology will need to know what the Aquarius (aka Aries) and the Capricorn (aka Gemini) sign are. What most people do not realize is that these two signs can be complementary to each other. When it comes to compatibility, the Capricorn is sometimes considered the “balanced” sign, while the Aquarius is more adventurous. These two signs enjoy a good balance in life. However, both of these same people have very different ways they like to live their lives.

Leadership-Oriented And Artistic


Capricorn is traditionally more leadership-oriented and artistic. He seeks out new experiences to make him grow and to be a good leader. While he enjoys many of the same things as a Gemini, he does not find himself overly bothered by the need for adventure. He also loves to share and helps his friends and team be successful as well. However, these adventures can often bring problems for the Aquarius. He can quickly become bored or disinterested in things that he does not find exciting. It may even seem like his life is a non-stop circus act. This sign tends to be introverted and is not known for its sense of humor. They want to spend their life focusing only on themselves and having no cares in the world.

The Aquarius Has Significant Interests

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The Aquarius has many significant interests, though, and he likes to learn about a wide range of things. He enjoys reading books and magazines and taking in all the world’s knowledge. While he may not always be able to find something that interests him, he will try. Another characteristic of the Aquarius is that they are always willing to help out those who need it. He does not quickly shy away from helping others with their problems, and he always looks to lend a hand. This sign is very loyal to his friends and will do whatever he can to ensure that they are happy and prosperous in their lives. If you want a friend who will stand by you forever, this is the sign for you.

Good Sense Of Fashion

People who are born under this sign tend to have a good sense of fashion. They often dress conservatively and are `quite reserved about how they express themselves within their social circles. They also tend to avoid flashy and provocative clothing. On the other hand, those who are of this sign enjoy spending time shopping, and they may even collect expensive items.

Little Tricky Relationships

Relationships with this sign are a little tricky because they move at the pace of life. They may be very loyal, but they need a little more space. Aquarians love a loving relationship, but they need to be reassured that the other person is feeling the same way about them. You may find that there are little jealousies involved. However, a healthy dose of envy is beneficial for the Aquarius. For most of us, Aquarius people will do what they have to when they have to. They will try their best to make others happy and fulfill their duties. Those born under this sign are idealistic and desire fame, luxury, and great success. The Aquarius is a creature of thought and ideas. Because of this, they often get themselves into trouble because of their often impractical behaviors.

Prone To Excessive Criticism

They may also be prone to excessive criticism from friends and family. However, the Aquarius will try to put things in perspective and understand that sometimes unreasonable demands are being made. Sometimes, this may come in the form of criticism. The Aquarius is one of those signs that can quickly become offended and upset. This sign is very loyal to friends and loved ones. They can become depressed if they are forced to go into action that they are not comfortable with. The Aquarius also has a very high tolerance for pain and discomfort. Although Aquarians can be stubborn, they are also reluctant to abandon their principles.

Final Words

The Aquarius is a traditional as well as a spiritual sign. The classic elements of this zodiac sign are air, water, and earth. If you are of this zodiac sign, you are likely to be very compassionate, loyal, and willing to take risks. You may also be a very playful person who enjoys trying new things. You may be a creative type of person with a flair for art and creativity. But most of all, the Aquarius can be very capricious and fickle in their decisions.

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