Aquarius Horoscope For February Month

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Aquarius is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mercury. A sign of air, water, and animals, it depicts people who are playful, dynamic, and full of energy. They enjoy a wide variety of interests, but their ruling planet, Mercury, makes them prone to emotional outbursts that might sometimes border on paranoia. A water bearer, an Aquarius will have red hair, blue or green eyes, olive or brown skin, and may wear sandals or a cap.

An Overview


If you prefer to be the center of attention, you might want to be an Aquarius. Because of the elements they represent, Aquarians love attention and the spotlight. The twinkling star that represents the sign is also a wanderer and enjoys meeting new people and talking with them. This can mean romantic encounters, or just an exciting social gathering where you might talk about your favorite subject.

People born in this month are often artistic, creative, and dreamers. You might say the Aquarius is a dreamer, because he has such vivid imaginations. He is a water bearer and enjoys being outdoors and being with others. It is said that a well-developed Aquarius will always be searching for new things to do in his life and will never be satisfied with the status quo of any given day.

If your temperament is like the archer’s, then the Aquarius is right for you. You feel as if you shoot at the world and see everything as if it were in the sights. You are a wanderer and enjoy meeting new people and talking to them about anything, no matter how mundane. You have a fiery spirit and enjoy the excitement of the red planet.

Aquarius is a good communicator and is good at taking messages properly. You will have natural good humor and you will be a born entertainer. In other words, you love to entertain and have an innate sense of humor. Being able to get across something with humor is essential to this zodiac sign. So, if you think you would be suited for the ram, here are some tips to keep in mind.

You are the water bearer

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Virgo is the sign of water, so you might as well enjoy being a water bearer. You love a healthy relationship, so you might want to slow down a bit on the romance. Being water bearer is about carrying on without stopping. So, your motto might be, “alka, alka, nekta” (okay, maybe a couple of less hyphenated alkas.) However, you’ll also want to keep your zodiac signs in alignment, so try and balance everything out with some romance and spice in your relationship.

You are a creature of instinct – Aquarius, being the sign of air, also loves to take in information. And the truth be told, the Virgo man often wants to absorb every fact that he can before making a decision. It’s all about making decisions and having faith. You can tell a Virgo loves to be intellectual, so keep the intellectual conversation volume on the moderate side – just don’t bring up the hot-button topic of abortion.

You are a creature of feelings – The zodiac sign of Virgo is also a creature of feelings. Virgo men like a woman who can understand his needs, because it’s one of the mark’s things that make him whole. So, you might want to take note of this zodiac sign’s sensitivity to the nails, because nails are a big issue for Virgo men.

Amazing Features

You have a burning desire to win – Virgo men are fiercely loyal, but you should beware, because loyalty comes at a high price. You need to be willing to be faithful for the long term, because you’re going to need it. When you are ready to settle down, you can ease into marriage with a Virgo woman by focusing more on her red planet qualities – sensuality, fertility and creativity. Be prepared for an active life, because a Virgo can drive you to the red planet all over the place!

You have a burning desire to be noticed – Whether or not you’ve figured it out yet, a Virgo man has a natural desire to be noticed. Virgo men like to be thought of as the center of attention, to be the center of attention. Virgo women, on the other hand, want to be understood on a personal level first. If you are trying to find love in the Virgo astrology sign, you might want to start paying attention to how you speak, how you think, and what you’re passionate about. While there is some crossover between these two signs, it’s more of a compatibility type match rather than a true sign versus sign match. Both zodiac signs share many common interests and focus on the here and now in very different ways.


The whole Virgo personality is a wild and woolly mixture of wild passion and a grounded sense of duty. So it’s no surprise that Virgo people can be very spontaneous and even a bit off-kilter. But the upside of this is that they are constantly looking to learn new things and experience new adventures. A Virgo will always be ready to go on an adventure. You can expect this month to be filled with more of the same – good discoveries, world travel, romantic adventures, learning new things, and the search for meaning in life.

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