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As per astrologers, the Gemini symbol is the twin, often represented by the Roman numeral two with branches at the top and bottom. The Roman numeral two is for the twin stars Castor and Pollux holding hands, representing their unbreakable bond. This sign rarely likes to do anything alone. The twins represent a dual-natured personality: sometimes contradictory but also adaptable with the ability to view life from different angles and perspectives. The set of twins Castor and Pollux are in the middle two lines, and the other two, called pillars, are the twin’s desires. Each pillar signs in a different direction, which represents Gemini’s scattered desires and ideas. The pillars also fit together to hold the essence of Gemini inside securely. The Gemini zodiac sign is the third sign in astrology. The Gemini symbol stands for a companion. The Gemini symbol represents that you are the butterflies of the Zodiac. The astrologers found a sign of Gemini closely associated with exchanging ideas, communication, and trade. In addition to their recognition as Castor and Pollux, more celebrated pairs resemble this twin pair, such as the younger and older Horus or Romulus and Remus

What Does Gemini Mean

If you are born under the zodiac sign of Gemini, it means that you are dual-natured and quick-witted. As per the tropical Zodiac, Gemini dates land between May 21 and June 20 or June 21, depending on who you ask. According to the Gemini horoscope, these people are social butterflies and, being a mutable sign, are intellectually curious. They are well-known to be playful and have a variety of passions. 

Why Are The Gemini Symbol Twins 

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Gemini highlights two personalities that are very different from each other. They are friendly but also restless. They are in constant need of intellectual stimulation. Geminis need constant variety and excitement in their life because their personality does not permit a lot of depth. They are always searching for a solid emotional connection that will last, and that’s why it is hard for some people to find the right person who loves them endlessly. The Gemini woman can have conflicting emotions because of the twins’ personalities. One moment she can be gentle and passionate, and the other moment, very distant and standoffish. It is hard to understand a Gemini because Mercury, which controls speech, governs their sign. The Gemini’s twin personality is always competing against each other, making it difficult to understand a Gemini, but you need to give time. Once spending time with her, you will understand that that’s something that makes her unique from all other zodiac signs. 


I hope you have gone through this informative article regarding the essential information of the Gemini symbol – Twin, a representative of dual-personality. Do go through such incredible articles to get information about your zodiac sign and symbol. 

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