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A Beginners Guide To Pisces Constellation

Pisces constellation is the 14th largest constellation of our Earth. It is a large constellation. However, stars aren’t very bright. Therefore, you can’t spot it in the sky without special equipment. But this constellation is noteworthy because the Sun passes it to cross the celestial equator on March 20. The point at which the Sun crosses is called the vernal equinox. Earlier, the point was in Aries constellation, but it has moved to Pisces due to the movement of Earth.

How Can You Locate The Pisces Constellation?

This constellation forms a V shape in the Northern Hemisphere. To be precise, it lies in the first quadrant of the said hemisphere. But you won’t be able to see it because the stars are very faint and it covers a large area. However, observers are able to spot it during the autumn season in November around 9 pm. You can locate it by looking for the head of the Western Fish. It is formally called the Pisces Circlet.

A Beginner's Guide To Pisces Constellation
A Beginner’s Guide To Pisces Constellation

Mythology Related To It

This constellation originated from Babylon. They viewed it as a pair of fish that were joined to each other by a cord. It is related to two important mythologies, the Greek and the Roman. In Roman mythology, the characters of Venus and Cupid transform into a pair of fish in order to escape from a monster known as Typhon. The cord is known as Al-Rescha. It is the Arabic word for the knot of the rope. Scientifically, it is known as Alpha Piscium.

The story in Greek Mythology is also similar to the Roman one. In Greek mythology, Typhon was a very scary monster. He had a head of hundred dragons and his eyes blazed fire. He came to life after the Olympian Gods defeated Titans and Giants. The giant was born where Titans were held imprisoned by Zeus. Gaia or the Mother Earth and Tartarus, the region of the underworld, gave birth to Typhon.

Gaia created Typhon to defeat the Olympian Gods. It was the Olympian God, Pan, who first saw Typhon coming. Pan warned other gods about Typhon’s arrival. Then, he changed himself into a goatfish. And he proceeded to jump into the river of Euphrates in order to escape Typhon. Thus, in Greek mythology, the Capricorn constellation represents the goatfish.

After that, the myth says that the goddess Aphrodite along with her son Eros jumped into the river. Because they sought help from the water nymphs. Then the legend has two versions of the end of this story. In one version, both the mother and the son transformed into a pair of fish. However, in another version of the story, two fishes came to their rescue. And these fishes represent Pisces. The word Pisces literally means a pair of fish.

A Beginner's Guide To Pisces Constellation
A Beginner’s Guide To Pisces Constellation

In astrology, it is the 12th zodiac and a water sign. The people born with this sign are kind and compassionate.

Take Away

Pisces is a constellation. This constellation has connections with both Greek and Roman mythology. Apart from that, it also represents the 12th zodiac sign in Astrology. Scientifically, this constellation is important because it contains the point where the Sun crosses the celestial equator.

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